Hiraoka Sundream & Sunclear

If you need protection from the elements but don’t want to lose natural light to a traditional shade sail Hiraoka has a new and innovative solution with the SX Transparent Series. The range consists of the Hiraoka Sundream H, Sundream Cool, and Sunclear. These three high quality, transparent fabrics that can keep the weather and harmful UV radiation out while letting safer filtered light in. This range of commercial-grade, PVC coated polyester fabrics have high-performance coatings with water and dirt-resistant properties so they are easy to keep clean and looking good for twice as long as other water-proof shade fabrics.

Features and Benefits

Hiraoka Sundream and Sunclear waterproof and transparent sails

Sundream H

This clear fabric has a UV protective layer that stops 99.7% of UVA and 99.9% of UVB radiation while allowing 62% light transmission. You can even add a little colour, the Sundream H is also available in charcoal, blue and bronze. These are all still semi-transparent allowing more than 30% light transmission depending on the colour. Compare that to a normal shade sail, for example, the Rainbow Shade Z16 in Navy Blue, which only allows 7% light transmission.

Sundream Cool

The Sundream Cool includes the same UV blocking technology as the Sundream H and also includes a powerful heat-shielding layer. Compared to Sundream H, this fabric reflects up to 30% more infrared light, reducing solar heat gain, which means you’ll be cool all year round under your sail. Sundream Cool allows 54% light transmission and the pearlescent finish means it comes to life in the sunlight to create unique and beautiful outdoor spaces that are protected and functional too.


This heavy-duty fabric is Sundream H’s big brother. Thicker, heavier and even stronger, it’s a great choice for covering large spans around your home. This fabric protects you and your family from 99.5% of UVA and 99.9% of UVB rays. And with 65% light transmission, it is the most transparent fabric Hiraoka produces.

Save money on artificial lighting and enjoy the health benefits of more natural light around your home while still protecting your family from the harmful UV rays of the Queensland sun. These hard-wearing, weather-resistant fabrics will protect your family for years to come and are backed by an extra-long 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on the fabric and coatings.

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