Rainbow Shade DRiZ

DRiZ is a combination of the high quality Z16 shade cloth with a clear waterproof coating to produce a unique lightweight waterproof shade cloth fabric. DriZ provides protection from the sun, wind and rain while filtering harmful UV-Radiation and allowing natural light transmission.

Available in a wide range of colours and up to 100% UVR protection, DRiZ is the perfect solution for residential and commercial applications including outdoor entertainment areas, awnings, pools and playgrounds.

For the highest quality waterproof shade cloth, you simply can’t beat DRiZ.

Features and Benefits

The advantages of the base cloth of Rainbow Shade z16 are that it offers the highest UV protection factor of up to 99%, and will also reduce the intensity of heat and glare.

Tests have demonstrated the z16 as the superior shade cloth for UPF over a 15-year time span, making its waterproof cousin Rainbow Shade DRIZ the ideal choice when your priorities are to protect people and property from the sun and keeping them dry.

Colour Range

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