Introducing DualShade 350

New dual colour shade sails for the Northside with DualShade 350

Gale Pacific has recently launched their revolutionary new range of shade fabric, DualShade 350. This fabric has a single colour on one side and a different complementary colour on the other side, thanks to Gale Pacific’s new patent-pending knit pattern. DualShade 350 is a commercial grade shade sail fabric, it’s durable, easy to maintain, and offers up to 93.6% UVR protection in a range of modern and vibrant colours.

Beautiful and practical shade sails made for North Brisbane

Shade sails are highly versatile, cost-effective addition to your property. You can make a bold architectural statement or have your sail seamlessly blend in with its surrounds, all while creating shade and protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays. With a twin colour shade sail, you can create unique and fashionable outdoor spaces. Dual Shade 350 can add vibrancy to any space, from your patio at home to a playground at a daycare. This quality shade cloth can create a cool and sun-safe space for you to enjoy all year round.

Sunburst DualShade 350

The colour range

The DualShade 350 range consists of modern and bold colour combinations divided into three collections. 


This collection contains bold and vibrant colours that demand to be noticed. These bright, playful and eye-catching colours come to life in the sunlight and add colour and zest to any space. The Brilliant collection includes the colour pairs Citrus, Sunburst, Macaw, Chameleon and Topaz.


The Terrafirma collection features natural Australian colours, capturing everything from the rainforest to the desert. With rich, modern colours this collection adds a designer styled look to your home. The range features the colour pairs Amazonia, Savana, Cobblestone and Gold Rush.


This collection includes chic colour combinations inspired by island paradises from across the globe. These luxurious colours can transform your pool area into your own personal tropical oasis. Destination includes the colour pairs Capri, Santorini and Maldives.

Gale Pacific DualShade 350

Get DualShade 350 with Northside Shade Sails

At Northside Shade Sails, we tailor shade solutions to suit your needs. We now offer DualShade 350 fabric so you can see the unique possibilities of a twin colour shade sail for yourself. Our shade sails are a long term investment that will increase your usable outdoor space and add value to your property, that’s why we offer an unrivalled 10-year warranty that covers the fabric and stitching. Contact us today for your free design and quote and ask one of our local expert installers about the DualShade 350 range.