Here in the Sunshine State, we see shade sails everywhere, in school playgrounds, community areas, private pools and beaches. The ever-present sunshine and its intensity have made them a welcome addition to the Queensland landscape.

But what is their origin? When did they become an integral part of the Australian experience? Obviously their derivation goes back to the design of a ship’s sail, but you may be surprised to learn that they go as far back as the era of the ancient Egyptians, The Greeks and the Romans, when large swathes of canvas were used to provide shelter. The Colosseum in Rome was shaded by actual ships sails pulled into place by sailors.

With the arrival of synthetic materials in the 1950’s the practical implications of providing shade using tensile architecture became cost-effective and logistically practical.

Brisbane was one of the first cities to highlight the possibilities of the newly named shade sail during Expo ’88 where some of the pavilions were sheltered using the new technology.



Today in Australia we see them everywhere, but outside of here, South Africa and the USA, they are relatively unknown. This is obviously due to climate but the aesthetic benefits of shade sails are of equal benefit as its extraordinary qualities as protection from the sun’s UV rays. This is why Australia is now finding great success exporting shade sails to Europe and South America.

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