Heard the one about protecting the Great Barrier Reef from destruction by deploying shade sails? It sounds like something out of a science fiction film, but it was actually put forward as a viable idea in a paper published by Nature Climate Change. True, the project was meant to only cover a comparatively small part of the reef using uprights attached to pontoons and check to see if it prevented the reef from the effects of bleaching, but the practicalities of rolling this out were, shall we say, not properly thought through.

Although we here at Northside Shade Sails would have loved the job, we’re not seriously waiting for the call just yet. But although it was perhaps inevitably an overly ambitious idea, it shows that people are extremely aware of the benefits of shade sails. And they are right to be – the harmful UV rays from the sun have unfortunately made Queensland the skin cancer capital of the world – and that’s something we take very seriously indeed.

Shade sail technology has come a long way and the various materials we use in our shades are designed for maximum breathability, to be a powerful barrier against wind and rain and most importantly to filter out the harmful effects of the sun so you can enjoy the Sunshine State climate safely.

Our Queensland owned and operated company operates as a wholesale and retail business but also designs, installs and maintains shade sail equipment for the domestic and commercial market throughout the region. With a wide range of sail material and colours to choose from, you can be sure that you are dealing with experienced, established professionals.  

So even if your pool or yard isn’t quite as big as the Great Barrier Reef, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Northside Shade Sails today for a free, fast, no-obligation quote.